After lightning comes thunder.With the new Range Rover SVR, it’s like a combination of two elements in one.

For even when they do not see you come, they will definitely hear that you hovering somewhere around.  If they hear you, then they are still to see you. And when they see you, the combination of the drop dead looks of the vehicle and its thunderous howl will confirm that this is indeed a very special vehicle.

Marketing gimmicks aside, the Range Rover SVR (Special Vehicle Racing) is that and more. Petrol heads will readily admit that when a vehicle has an “R” in its nomenclature it means something… Think of products like the Golf R, the Honda Civic R etc.

Thing is the Range Rover SVR is powered by a Jaguar 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 engine, which gallops from 0 – 100 km/h in a blistering 4.5 seconds. The speed and the sound of the vehicle is so intoxicating as it is ear(gasmic).

The Range Rover SVR is easily noticeable as a Range Rover. One slight difference is that the SVR has a front end that is slightly tweaked with large intakes in the bumper to maximize airflow. Daytime running lights, a mesh grille and new side fender vents, gives it an athletic stance which is bolstered by its “21” inch split spoke alloy wheels. Integrated quad tailpipes merely affirm its power and luxury.

Open the door to the Range Rover SVR and you come head on collision with unbridled luxury you have come to expect from such a vehicle. The sporty leather seats with an SVR logo on the headrests bring a stark reminder that you are about to enter a real fast car.

One disappoint however, was the not so easy to locate USB ports but relief was that the rear passengers have their own USB and access to own climate controls. Both rear and front seats are heated with a cooling option.

Turn the 5-0-litre engine on, and immediately there is a gunfire like sound from the dual-mode exhaust system. Floor the accelerator pedal and the SVR propels itself in a blistering pace enough to put you in trouble with the boys and girls with blue lights. Interestingly, in a normal driving situation the Range Rover SVR can behave well, lowering its howling grow.

As an everyday car, the Range Rover SVR is not for those who will count their cents when going to the filling station. With the petrol price going up almost every quarter, you must be prepared to quench its normal thirst of 12,5-litres per 100 km. And if your right foot likes putting pressure on the accelerator, the Range Rover SVR can easily demand about 20,0-litres for its ever thirsty throat.

Competitors include the likes of BMW X5M, BMW X6M, and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The colour choice of the Range Rover SVR has been widened to include Velocity Blue as well as what they call Madagascar Orange.

And if you still want to know the price, (as they say) you probably cannot afford the R2-million plus on demand.



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