The aroma of spicy meat being grilled hit your nostrils acutely as you walk into the kitchen at Nexdor Restaurant on the famed Vilakazi Street in Orlando West Soweto.

It is almost 10.30am and the food at the eatery is being prepared for a team of Abaphenyi  journalists –  our tongues tantalizing.

Its manager Bonginkosi Vilakazi, has wrapped his sleeves and assist cooks in the kitchen preparing two sizzling meals, a plate of generous 350 grams of pork chops and another 350 grams of pork ribs.

It takes almost twenty minutes to prepare the meals to ensure that patrons are not kept at bay.

“We only prepare fresh meat accompanied with fresh vegetables,” he said.

Vilakazi places his meat on a wooden board on top of a steel table before the grilling could begin.

He gently applies herbs on both the pork chops and pork ribs while turning them around for the herbs to penetrate on the fresh meat before hitting the fire.

While being placed on the grill, a brush is being dipped into a marinate sauce and the aroma become more strong, while your stomach patiently waits for the meat to run into it. The process is repeatedly done until the ribs turn reddish in colour.

“We repeatedly rub our meat with the marinate sauce to keep it tender and soft. We either serve our meat medium rare or well done depending on a customer. Once the meat is ready, we continue applying the marinate.”

The meat is either served with the restaurant special mixed green salad, chips, porridge, mashed potato, vegetables or dumplings.

“After grilling our meat, we rest it for about five minutes especially when it is medium rare.”

The plate is neatly decorated with the meat accompanied by chips and ready to be downloaded into our rumbling stomachs.

The pork chops I was served were perfectly grilled and didn’t give my jaws a hard time to chew. My colleague also feasted on his palatable plate of pork ribs with gusto. Though each plate cost R165, pity that we could not ask for more.

Vilakazi and his staff say to ensure that their customers come back for  more, food is prepared with precision.

The eatery also serves as a bar. During the week it opens from 10 am until 10pm. While on weekends it operates between 10am and 2am.

Apart from the pork chops and pork ribs, Vilakazi said they offer various meals to cater for their customers’ needs and on weekends they have live bands and live shows to entertain guests.

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