Protesters outside the Protea court on Friday Pic:Dumisani Dube

Both in court on charges of sexual molestation

According to Soweto’s parlance the word billy is synonymous the 4-5 which is usually used in reference to a penis.
Like many colloquial words, it is anybody’s guess  how this came about.
But the record will show two elderly men who share the first name Bill or Billy as having appeared in court this week for having used their penises in acts of sexual impropriety.
One is Bill Cosby, 81, known around the world as Dr Cliff Huxtable of the famous Cosby Show.
The other is a local madala of Orlando West, Soweto, known as Billy Dlamini.
He is 64.
For the American at least, he can have a sign of relief now that t’s all over.
Cosby’s fate was sealed on Wednesday when he was sentenced to three to 10 years in jail.
A judge described him as a “violent sexual predator
Our local Billy is still to stand.
His two accusers are minors aged eight and 10 years respectively.
On Friday at the Protea Magistrate’s Court Billy’s bail application flopped when it was postponed.
He did not personally appear in court to stand erect before magistrate.
His proceedings were conducted via video assistance.
He is being zipped inside the Johannesburg prison, otherwise known as Sun City.
So emotionally aroused is the Orlando east community they came in droves to attend court proceedings.
There was nothing amorous to see some of them with their heads bedecked in panties.
Chanting and sloganeering they brandished placards some of which called for rapists to be jailed for life.
A near scuffle was averted by the timely intervention of security guards at the court’s entrance where some in the chanting group threatened to assault a woman thought to be Billy’s wife.
They accused her of making snide remarks against the protestors.
A taxi whisked her to safety.
Members of the community spoke of how they were shocked of Billy’s alleged crime.
The densely populated suburb of Orlando east has had to deal with an increase in the number of rape cases involving young children lately.
In recent time a man said to be a security guard was arrested for allegedly molesting about 50 minors at a local primary school.
“We are tired of living with child molesters in our midst. Why don’t they propose women of their age and just leave out children alone.They must go rot in jail,” said a visibly distressed woman.
Speaking on the sides outside the court, a prosecutor not involved with tbe case said trials of a sexual nature were not a “quickie” and last long.
For the chanting crowd it was time for a withdrawal back to their respective homes just to ready themselves for Billy’s second round of his  bail application scheduled for October 29.

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