Hope enmeshed in angst and trepidation has engulfed family, friends and colleagues of abducted SA photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed after the release of proof of his life video on Friday night.

After two years and three months since Shiraaz was abducted in Syria this is the first “authentic” proof that he could still be alive.

Released via Whatsapp at 10pm on April 26 what authenticates the video is the truthful manner in which Shiraaz had answered to 10 questions only he could satisfactorily reply to.

The South African photojournalist was captured on January 10 2017 in the vicinity of the Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma hospital in Darkonse in Syria.

Renowned for his passion in documenting the plight of communities in distress, Shiraaz’s abductors have apparently accused him of being a foreign spy, a charge which is spurious as well as baseless.

It was an emotional moment for Shiraaz’s family on Friday night as they had to deal on a daily basis in a rollercoasr of emotions wondering what might happened to their loved one in that war hole that is Syria.

The latest news will no doubt spur efforts by various large networks of people to have him released by his captors and brought back home.

His family is breathing a guarded sigh of relief and continue to thank the Almighty.

But only one thing can fully relieve them of their throbbing pain – the safe return of Shiraaz.

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