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For a vehicle that promises loads of fun in an affordable package, the Suzuki Swift is guilty as charged.

After weighing all circumstances (and obviously being smitten by its good looks which conspire with its agility) there are simply no mitigating factors barring one from sentencing the Swift to a life routine of being a daily enjoyable commute.

Yes, you may appeal the decision as harsh based on the fact that the Swift is a small car that weighs almost a ton and is propelled by a 1.2-litre engine.

That is neither here or there or it is circumstantial, as legal minds are wont to say.

Fact is there’s been reels and reels of evidence about what constitutes an ideal body/heart ratio for a vehicle to go about its paces effortlessly and at great speed.   

What we found is that what the Swift lacks proportionally it compensates for via its big heart – especially since it does not carry unnecessary “fat on the belly”.

What was also apparent is that with the Swift parking nightmares have become a thing of the past.

The Swift squeezes through small openings and is no slow couch either as it meanders through the highways traffic gridlocks with alacrity, propelled by the perky 66kW and 120Nm on offer.

What will bring a smile is that in all this driving comes a huge savings with the Swift capable of returning sub-5.0L/100km fuel consumption if driven “sensibly”.

There may be other “worthy’ contenders out there like the VW Polo etc, but the Swift is no shrinking violet and would not do any damage to your street cred either.

The face is modernly pleasant and inviting, and in the orange hue of our test five-door Swift GL manual we were able to see and be seen.

The side profile of the vehicle could easily cause one to mistaken it for a three-door vehicle, what with the floating roof and rear door handles almost concealed to the eye.

Under a shade you’d easily mistaken it for a certain make once made infamous by musician now TV star Jub Jub.

The rear is typical hatchback with LED lights adding some bling to the package.

Inside, t he plastic dominated cabin is something to be expected from vehicles in the compact segment, but the three spoke steering and the clever interior design make for a relaxed and purposeful ambience.

The dash has hints of the pre-Bangle era of some marque, with the stereo slanting towards and facing the driver.

Driver and front passenger have reasonably enough room, though the same cannot be said for rear passengers.

Large door bins for bottles and two cup holders for front passengers and all the latest electro gimmicks like Bluetooth connectivity, USB etc. adds to the pleasure of enjoying the Swift.

Rear seats do a 60:40 split should you need extra space.

Two airbags and electronic stability control comes standard.

Faced with all this incriminating evidence it’s a daunting task to try and fault the Swift.

What it lacks proportionally it compensates for via its big heart – a classic example of punching above one’s weight.

For a vehicle that promises fun galore…. let the games begin!

The new Suzuki Swift is available in six colours and is sold with a 5-year / 200 000 km mechanical warranty and a 2-year / 30 000 km service plan.

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GA Manual R159 900
Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL Manual R175 900
Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL AMT R189 900

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